? St Matthew

Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Cookies and Privacy

Cookies are small text files which some websites place on your computer when you visit their pages. These may be necessary to allow some features of a website (such as login details or remembering choices you've made) to function. In other cases they may be used to track your visits and target advertising on other websites.

Under European law websites must now declare if they set cookies and give the choice whether to accept them or not. Whilst this law does not at present apply to the Isle of Man, it is considered best practice to follow these principles.

The pages of this website do not require the use of cookies.

The company that hosts our website provides anonymous visitor statistics such as how many visitors we've had to each page, which browser they were using and much more. This information has been important in guiding the redevelopment of the site. However, nothing is collected which would allow us to personally identify an individual visitor.

If you contact us by email your message will be

  1. stored securely on the web hosting company's servers. It can only be accessed by those with the correct password
  2. forwarded to the named church officer you wish to contact and only used by them to respond to your enquiry