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The New Jerusalem Bible is an update to the Jerusalem Bible, an English version of the French Bible de Jérusalem.The revised version is said to be one of the most scholarly editions of the Bible and it has become the most widely used Catholic translation in English-speaking countries outside of America.

An online searchable version of the New Jerusalem Bible is available on the Catholic Online website

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The Bible was tranlated into Manx Gaelic in the 18th Century by a group of Anglican clergymen and first published by SPCK in 1775. The BFBS edition of 1819 was reprinted as 'Bible Chasherick yn Lught Thie (Manx Family Bible)' in 1979. An online version of this edition together with the English King James Authorized version was created in 2005

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A number of Bible encyclopaedias and dictionaries are available online

The New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room site is devoted to the study of Greek New Testament manuscripts.
Images of New Testament manuscripts held in libraries all over the world are available to view and study on this website.

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The Unbound Bible website includes a number of Bible language tools

The Resource Pages for Biblical Studies are compiled and owned by Torrey Seland, Professor emeritus and former Dean of Studies, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger. Norway.

They are intended as a resource for serious, scholarly studies of the early Christian writings and their social world.

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This website, created by Rev. Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D., contains a variety of materials, mostly related to biblical and liturgical studies

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