Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Photo Albums

Below is a list of the albums currently on our website with a brief description of the subject of each.
Click on the appropriate link in the list to select the desired album

Album No. Description
Album 1 A Tour of our Church Building
Album 2 A Tour of our Church Building continued
Album 3 Through the Year from Advent to Easter
Album 4 Through the Year from Rogation Sunday to Christ the King
Album 5 Flower Festival
Album 6 Centenaries
Album 7 Centenaries
Album 8 Rogation


Whilst many of the photos in these albums were taken by the webmaster, I am grateful to several members of St. Matthew's family who have provided images to fill the gaps (especially Thurstan Denne and Amber Cordwell)

If you are concerned that copyright may have been infringed by the inclusion of any image or have images to add to the albums, please contact