Parish of St Matthew the Apostle,
Douglas, Isle of Man

Readers' Rota
21st November to 26th December 2021



1st Reading
& Responsorial Psalm

2nd Reading

21/11/2021 CHRIST THE KING J Riley L Higgins A Cordwell
28/11/2021 ADVENT I Year C J Rimmer P Lewin  
05/12/2021 ADVENT II A Tawney K Wolstenholme C Brooks
12/12/2021 ADVENT III B Bregazzi L Higgins A Cordwell
19/12/2021 ADVENT IV J Matthews J Rimmer B Bregazzi
24/12/2021 CHRISTMAS EVE J Riley T Denne  
25/12/2021 CHRISTMAS DAY P Lewin A Tawney A Cordwell
26/12/2021 HOLY FAMILY K Wolstenholme A Cordwell  

If you are unable to read on a particular day, please try to swap with someone else on the rota and let Paul Lewin know. Please sit near the front when you are due to read. The first reader should go to the lectern towards the end of the Gloria (or the Kyries in Advent and Lent) The second reader should go to the lectern during the last response to the Psalm. The readings for the following Sunday will usually be available on the website. Please check the book on the lectern when you arrive. It is easier to read from this than the pew sheet.

Readings for Next Sunday

NB: Readings taken from Universalis website. Occasionally our Calendar may differ (e.g. Harvest, Remembrance Sunday)

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Readers' Rota

Readings for next Sunday from Universalis are given below the table of readers. These will usually match our Calendar but may occasionally be different (check the day matches)